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[url=]Indian virgin hair[/url] is one of the most common and widely available [url=]human remi hair[/url] types on the market today. Since India has an enormous population, with a large number of women who donate their [url=]raw hair[/url] for religious purposes regularly, India produces much of the worlds best virgin hair extensions. In fact, the majority of hair on the market today is actually Indian hair that is processed in other countries and given different names based on characteristics such as density and texture.

Indian Remy hair has a very fine density and has a light bouncy feel to it. This makes it easy to curl and style. With textures ranging from silky to coarse, Indian virgin hair is a great choice if you like [url=]hair style for weave[/url] that is versatile and flexible when it comes to styling. A great fit for all hair types, Indian hair is a consistent contender for the best hair available today. Indian hair is a popular choice because its texture and color are easily matched to many ethnicities, especially relaxed African American hair. Although it may become frizzy in moist temperature, quality Indian hair will be able to maintain its silky texture for months if well cared for.